Partner Feature: Infinity Foods

Say hello to our dear friends at Infinity Foods!

The Brighton Yoga Foundation couldn’t be more pleased to announce that we have partnered up with the lovely team at Infinity Foods, who are kindly be sponsoring us again this year! Infinity Foods & Kitchen is a much loved place amongst locals where you can get your hands on their extensive range of natural & organic products as well as devouring the delights cooked up at their nearby café. This thriving local co-operative can be found deep in the heart of Brighton’s bustling North Laine.

The Infinity Foods Story

The Infinity Foods shop has been providing Brighton residents with one of the largest offerings of organic and natural produce, cosmetics and household items in the South East since 1971. Their roots were first planted back in 1970 when two friends – Ian Loeffler and Peter Deadman started running their own macrobiotic café at Sussex University. From there locals began to get a taste for nourishment and this soon led to a rise in demand for the ingredients used in their cooking. Following this success, a year later, Peter, Jenny Deadman & Robin Bines decided to open the first ‘Infinity Foods’ shop in a converted house on Church Street.

In the early days business was a little slow but after three years things started to grow and the company acquired an adjoining shop. Here they opened up a bakery and from the back of the shop they began to sow the seeds for their now flourishing wholesale business. It wasn’t until a devastating fire broke out that the company became the successful co-operative it is today. In the wake of this fire in 1979 new opportunities emerged and a fresh perspective on how to create a more democratic approach to running the company became adopted.

With this re-invigorated sense of purpose, business for Infinity Foods simply continued to boom over the next decade and in 1998 they were able to open the Infinity Foods Kitchen. Here locals and visitors to Brighton have since been able to soak up the atmosphere of the Laines whilst being served up nutritious, delicious and organic vegetarian cuisine. Commendably they also recently won gold in the Brighton and Hove Food Awards for ‘Best Sustainable Business’ – Go team go!

Why do we make such a great partnership?

It is through a magical combination of a replenishing Yoga practice supported by nourishing organic food and products that we can really do wonders for the mind, body and soul. So when Infinity Foods decided to sponsor us we felt like it was the perfect fit; two companies with shared values in the health and wellbeing of our local community as well as the wider world. Both our organisations have a deep and fundamental concern in working compassionately towards a more sustainable and loving future for us and our environment. Infinity Foods now ensures that the majority of their products on sale are labelled ‘Fair Trade’ as well as sourcing their energy from green suppliers. They also provide recycling points for baby food pouches, any unsold bread is donated to local homeless charities and they work closely with Brighton Paper Round to maintain an excellent recycling rate.

Where can you find them at this year’s Yoga Festival?

On the 27th & 28th of July you can find some of the members of their delightful team with us at BHASVIC. We are so pleased to have one of our dear sponsors joining us for the weekend and you will be able to find them on both Saturday and Sunday in the retail area. If you’re interested to find out more about them or simply keen to have a chat then get yourselves down to their stall for a friendly conversation! VegeLove will also be there selling delicious raw energyballs, handmade with love in the heart of Sussex.