Brighton Yoga & Well-Being Festival

Brighton Yoga & Well-Being Festival - what you can expect


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History of Brighton Yoga

Our aim is to trace the history of yoga in Brighton and Hove through some of the main lineages, including Iyengar, Scaravelli-Inspired, Ashtanga and this year Brighton Buddhist Centre.

Previous Brighton Yoga Festivals


Online Event

25 July. A difficult year. We planned a hybrid event - live and in person on 24 July and online on 25 July. But at short notice a huge spike in Covid cases locally caused the cancellation of the live event. We live streamed 13 workshops with teachers from around the world and the UK and a discussion on the future of yoga post-pandemic. 


Online Event

25th & 26th July. With the pandemic in full flow, we had no alternative but to take the 2020 Festival online. At relatively short notice we presented 4 top quality teachers from around the world and the UK to teach online workshops and also hosted a panel on “Black Lives Matter – diversity within the yoga community”. More than 300 people attended the sessions.


Brighton Yoga Foundation 2019

BHASVIC - Brighton & Hove.

27th & 28th July. Over 2,500 people attended the Festival at BHASVIC college, braving the rain on the first day. The event featured almost 100 classes, a world first survivor-led Panel on Sexual Abuse in the Yoga Community, and a celebratory coming together of the yoga community and Extinction Rebellion.


Sussex County Cricket Ground – Brighton & Hove.

Saturday 14 – Sunday 15 July. Another hugely successful festival, such glorious weather, allowed a large part of the festival to be enjoyed outdoors - it was an amazing well attended event.

Over 3500 people, 100+ yoga classes


Sussex County Cricket Ground
8th & 9th July 2017 - After the success of the Brighton Dome, the festival was moved to the cricket ground for an entire weekend. Allowing more people to try the benefits of yoga.

3500 people 100 classes 40 stalls 


Brighton Dome

On the 23rd July 2016, the festival was held in the Brighton Dome seeing a record number of people trying yoga for the first time. 

3000 people 50 classes 40 stalls 


St. Georges Church, Kemptown Brighton. 
25th July 2015, saw the second Brighton Yoga Festival, with double the amount of people attending - the weather was wonderful too.

1800 people 30 classes 20 stalls 


St. Georges Church, Kemptown, Brighton.
26th July 2014 - the very first Brighton Yoga Festival was launched at St. Georges Church.

1200 people 20 classes 20 stalls