Community yoga classes


In 2021 we continue to offer a hybrid timetable, offering both face to face and online classes. 

All our classes follow a set of principles to ensure participants gain a sense of safety and familiarity when they join our community outreach yoga classes. These principles include a confidential and welcoming atmosphere, use of invitational guidance and language, no expectation to try anything that does not feel comfortable and respect of one another’s space and boundaries.

Further information about each specific class, who it is suitable for, and what to expect, can be found below.

Yoga class timetable

Gentle Yoga with Charlie - Zoom - 45 minutes
Gentle yoga is an opportunity to bring movement into the body with mindful awareness,
self-compassion and gentle inquiry to release tension, create space within body & mind and to reconnect back to yourself. 

Chair yoga with Laurie - Zoom – 60 minutes

Chair Yoga is a wonderful way to explore the benefits of yoga from the support and comfort of a chair. This class is suitable for beginners and open to all.

Therapeutic yoga with Hannah - Studio - 60 minutes
A women-only class, suitable for those who have experienced trauma, chronic illness, and mental health challenges. An invitational, held space where we come together to move, breathe, and take time to listen to our body’s inner wisdom.

Yoga for deep rest with Laurie - Zoom - 60 minutes 
This class is designed to help the mind and body slow down, creating an opportunity to step into a state of deep rest. The class includes mindful movement, breath awareness and practices, and a 20-minute guided relaxation. 

Yoga to build strength and resilience with Hannah - Zoom - 60 minutes 
This class offers the space to try out a slightly more energising and strengthening style of yoga. We will explore a range of postures and flowing sequences to lift the heart rate and build muscle tone. We will also explore breath work and meditations that invite us to gently build emotional resilience.
This class is open to all genders. We recommend you have participated in a previous therapeutic class with BYF before moving into this one.

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The Brighton Yoga Foundation delivers yoga free of charge to those living with long-term mental and/or physical health conditions, those living in isolation, or those who wouldn't normally be able to access yoga within a studio setting. If you would be interested in registering or finding out more please complete the form below.

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Laurie Cooper
Justine Rowan Brighton Yoga Foundation


Yoga has given me a way to express myself

calm my mind and stretch my body as well as be connected with mind and body whilst connecting with others in a subtle way, it's within a safe environment giving me the freedom to be myself and within myself. It not only helps me to learn about me but keep a connection to others and enjoy something fun enjoyable and totally free to move and express without judgement.

I'm feeling safer, happier and now can talk to others.

It's changed everything about my life from barely coping to feeling strengthened and more resilient. I can physically move with more confidence. I have made two friends from the yoga group which I'm so grateful to have found. From losing my job,health,community,friends and mind I can now look forward to living with renewed purpose. Heartfelt thanks for this opportunity to believe I can be better.

That’s when I really understood that what Yoga had created

This was a safe place for me, surrounded by people I trust and held gently in a space of acceptance and ease. Never questioned why a certain posture doesn’t feel safe, or expected to explain anything, just able to be whatever I came with that day. This has been an amazing realisation for me that mind body and breath can be so connected and this has given me the tools to continue my journey to healing and self acceptance.