Brighton Yoga foundation has a group of Ambassadors which support and promote our work within the Yoga community locally in Brighton and Hove, and nationally.

Camille Pierson

As well as being the Managing Director of The Float Spa, Camille is also a mum of two. In 2014 Camille found herself suffering from PTSD and used floatation to overcome this. She was so impressed with the results she decided to open her own well being centre here in Brighton and Hove as there wasn’t one in the area.

Since opening on Third Avenue in Hove, Camille has trained as a Naturopathic Health Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Scientist Meditation Teacher to spread the benefits of wellbeing specifically to the corporate sector. Camille was on the Board of Trustees for BYF for nearly 7 years, including as Chair for the last 18 months but has now stepped down and is an active Ambassador for BYF. /

Gary Carter

With over 35 years of experience, Gary is recognised internationally as one of the UK’s leading Anatomy and Movement teachers.
He is a myofascial manual therapist, personal trainer, shiatsu and craniosacral practitioner, fascial anatomy lecturer and has run yoga teacher trainings in Brighton.
He lectures in movement and fascial anatomy for manual therapy schools and Yoga & Pilates teacher trainings along with running the science of movement course at Middlesex University.
Gary trained with Mary Stewart, Sophy Hoare, Peter Blackaby, John Stirk and Diane Long, then started Natural Bodies Yoga and movement centre in Brighton, UK in 1991, as the UK’s first centre dedicated to the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, hosting direct students of Vanda to further expand the teachings. Gary hosted and co-taught with Tom Myers for the first Anatomy Trains courses in Brighton from 1998 to 2003, adapting Fascial based techniques in training and movement principles for yoga teachers.

Studying dissective anatomy at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna and participating in dissections with Gil Hedley, Gary runs dissective studies for students of his anatomy and movement courses at the Plastinarium in Germany. He has been one of the lead dissectors and designers for the world’s first historic plastinated fascial focused human displayed in BodyWorlds Berlin.

Charlotte Watts

Charlotte is a yoga teacher based in Brighton with a love of cultivating embodied awareness through nuanced and curious movement and expression. She teaches classes, workshop and retreats, but now mostly focussed on further training courses for yoga teachers in therapeutic aspects (digestive, immune, and respiratory health, stress, burnout and fatigue) and weaving trauma-informed somatic practices into yoga. Charlotte is an author whose books include Yoga Therapy for Digestive Health (Singing Dragon 2018), Good Mood Food (Nourish 2018) and The De-Stress Effect (2015). Her latest Yoga and Somatics for Immune and Respiratory Health, out October 2022 (Singing Dragon). She sees yoga as a beautiful route into meeting our fundamental needs on many levels and so views the work of Brighton Yoga Foundation as truly valuable – see more at

Tarik Dervish

Tarik Dervish is a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, Yoga Teacher Trainer and current Modules Officer for the British Wheel of Yoga. He has been teaching and practising Ayurveda for over 20 years and specializes in running courses and workshops in Ayurveda for Yoga teachers and practitioners. He also runs a small clinic in London and Brighton. His workshops focus on helping students integrate ayurvedic principles into their daily life and yoga practice. For more information on his work, please visit

Camille Pierson
Tarik Dervish

Emma Newlyn

Emma is a full time yoga teacher, writer and therapist based in Sussex. Also a yoga teacher trainer and regular retreat host, Emma specialises in holistic health, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, and teaches these ancient subjects in a way that makes them accessible in the modern world. Emma was a founding member of the Brighton Yoga Foundation and a trustee for the charity for three years. Visit for healthy recipes, blog posts and more information on upcoming retreats

emma newlyn

Evelyn Brodie

Evelyn Brodie is a shamanic practitioner and integrated healer, based in Hove. For thirty years she enjoyed a lucrative career as an economist, live financial TV journalist and communications executive. In 2004 she had an experience that forced her to change her belief system, described in her book Corporate Bitch to Shaman: a journey uncovering the links between 21st century science, consciousness and the ancient healing practices. She feels her personal calling is to be a bridge between the worlds of psychosomatic and non-local healing and the scientific, medical world. She has published two further books developing these themes. She supports the healing powers of yoga and the Foundation’s attempts to take it those who need it the most.


Anika Grimm

Anika has been teaching yoga for over ten years and has qualified as a Yoga Therapist. She believes that any part of a yoga practice needs to be accessible and appropriate, rather than trying to encourage all students to practice in the same way. Her main focus when working with yoga is to ensure that it is the right practice for each person, whether in a group class or when offering private tuition. Anika was a founding member of the Brighton Yoga Foundation and a trustee for the charity for its first three years.

Anika Grimm