BYF Community Yoga 2021

Brighton Yoga Foundation (BYF) is committed to taking yoga to those in the community who currently do not have access to it or are unable to find an appropriate yoga class for their specific needs in a typical yoga class setting. Since we became a registered charity in 2016, we have been continually growing and developing our community yoga outreach work.

We aim to provide yoga that is appropriate to the population groups we work with, enabling us to offer a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for our participants to explore the elements of yoga that may be beneficial for them. 

We believe in overcoming as many barriers as we can which may prevent people from being able to access yoga. Some of these reasons might be;

  • The perception that yoga is for able bodied, healthy individuals only.
  • Lack of information about the therapeutic practice and benefits of yoga.
  • The rising cost of attending a yoga class in studio/leisure environment.
  • Lack of opportunity to explore a safe and fulfilling yoga practice.

Yoga teachers locally (and across the world) have often delivered free, low cost or donation-based classes to those on low incomes. Many have taken specialist training to run therapeutic yoga classes. Brighton Yoga Foundation is building on the work of the early pioneers in this work to make yoga available to everyone.

We are proud to be part of the growing yoga outreach community who are working towards a shared goal of making yoga accessible, and most importantly safe, inclusive and beneficial to those most in need. 

If you would like to know more about our Outreach work or how to access our services, please email Laurie Cooper at byfoutreach@gmail.com

Gentle Yoga with Charlie - Zoom - 45 minutes
Gentle yoga is an opportunity to bring movement into the body with mindful awareness,
self-compassion and gentle inquiry to release tension, create space within body & mind and to reconnect back to yourself. 

Chair yoga with Laurie - Zoom – 60 minutes

Chair Yoga is a wonderful way to explore the benefits of yoga from the support and comfort of a chair. This class is suitable for beginners and open to all.

Therapeutic yoga with Hannah - Studio - 60 minutes
A women-only class, suitable for those who have experienced trauma, chronic illness, and mental health challenges. An invitational, held space where we come together to move, breathe, and take time to listen to our body’s inner wisdom.

Yoga for deep rest with Laurie - Zoom - 60 minutes 
This class is designed to help the mind and body slow down, creating an opportunity to step into a state of deep rest. The class includes mindful movement, breath awareness and practices, and a 20-minute guided relaxation. 

Yoga to build strength and resilience with Hannah - Zoom - 60 minutes 
This class offers the space to try out a slightly more energising and strengthening style of yoga. We will explore a range of postures and flowing sequences to lift the heart rate and build muscle tone. We will also explore breath work and meditations that invite us to gently build emotional resilience.
This class is open to all genders. We recommend you have participated in a previous therapeutic class with BYF before moving into this one.