There is another, incredibly simple and painless way that you can help raise money for Brighton Yoga Foundation (BYF). It’s called Easyfundraising

It costs you NOTHING AT ALL  at any stage. You don’t have to give your bank details to anyone. You don’t have to collect points. You simply raise money for BYF every time you shop online at around 6000 different online retailers (including all the major ones). There are no catches or hidden charges. Here’s how to do it!

Step 1

Go to the Easyfundraising website and register. It costs nothing and is simple to do.

Step 2

Choose Brighton Yoga Foundation as your chosen cause:


Step 3

When you want to shop online, go to the Easyfundraising website. Select the retailer you want to use, then make your purchase. The retailer will then make a donation to BYF. That’s it!

The reality is that most of us these days do some of our shopping (personal or business) online. Almost all the major retailers are associated with Easyfundraising – around 6000 of them. It is so simple to raise money for Brighton Yoga Foundation every time you use them.

If you want to make it even easier, there are two additional steps you can take:

Step 4 (optional)

If you prefer to go straight to your chosen online retailer, then download the Easyfundraising Donation Reminder. This allows you with one click to activate a donation to BYF every time you go to an online retailer: 

Step 5 (optional)

Download the Easyfundraising app from the App Store and then you can shop from your mobile!

Still unsure?

And if you are still unsure about how it all works, then you can watch these two 45 second videos here about how to use Easyfundraising on a PC/laptop or a mobile.

Please help us by using Easyfundraising.

The amounts raised can seem small on cheaper purchases. But they all add up. We have raised £200 in the last three years with just a handful of regular users. 

Just imagine if every friend of Brighton Yoga Foundation signed up – we could raise thousands every year and run more desperately needed community yoga outreach programmes. 

So do it today, now, before you forget!