Brighton Yoga Foundation won Mental Health & Well Being Award

Brighton Yoga Foundation won the Mental Health and Well Being Award at the National Sport & Recreation Alliance event on Friday 8th March, 2024 in Leeds.

The award was handed over by the Duke Of Edinburgh (former Prince Edward).

The award comes with a £1000 donation to the winner (which clearly will go to maintaining our core outreach classes) as well as the national prestige and the doors it may open for us with national sporting bodies.

The award was accepted by Natalie Lyndon the Communications Officer for the British Wheel of Yoga on behalf of Brighton Yoga Foundation.

We would like to thank:

Finally, we’ve convened a meeting to discuss establishing a national network, as we passionately believe that our work can benefit communities across the country. This will require financial as well as other resources – if any of you can support this, we’d be very grateful.
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