Coming together for the Community

So there’s something you should know…

In the interest of transparency and our commitments as a charity, we wanted to share some insights on our current journey.

Brighton Yoga Foundation (BYF) has begun discussions with Brighton Natural Health Foundation (BNHF) about a possible merger of the two charities.

Both organisations share the same vision: to make mindful movement practices such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation accessible to those who would benefit the most from them – to the widest possible communities in Brighton, Hove and beyond. These activities have a proven track record of improving mental and physical health and the prevention of disease.

We feel that the community outreach work and the long-term governance and financial viability of both organisations might be enhanced by bringing them together. It is potentially an exciting new phase for both organisations.

At this stage, we are only having a discussion and exploration on what this could look like and it will not impact our current way of working, classes or operations. Please rest assured that we remain absolutely committed to continuing our highly successful & vitally needed yoga community outreach. We will endeavour to update you as we know more.