There have been yoga classes in selective schools in the city for some years with early pioneers bringing the benefits of yoga to schoolchildren in the city. Brighton Yoga Foundation’s aim is to make yoga available in every primary and secondary school in Brighton and Hove.

We delivered regular yoga classes in 6 of the city's secondary schools in 2019 in a pilot programme with the assistance of funding from the Healthy Lifestyles Team at Brighton and Hove City Council.

Thanks to a grant from REMF 10 week programmes were delivered to year 10 and 11 students at Longhill, Hove Park and Dorothy Stringer between January and March 2020.

The Healthy Lifestyles Team at B&H council will support our work by providing funding for 6 week pilot programmes in the remaining Brighton Secondary Schools early in the academic year 2020/21. In these times when mental health and wellbeing are paramount we are delighted to support schools however we can with their wellbeing programmes for both staff and students

Brighton Yoga Foundation has a register of highly qualified teachers who are trained to deliver engaging, accessible yoga to children and young people. All of our teachers are DBS checked and approved by us.

After just a few sessions teachers, and parents notice that children and young people are calmer and more settled. Here is some of the feedback our yoga teachers have received:

“I have also noticed how some children in the classroom environment find it hard to concentrate, however in yoga they are able to focus and concentrate for quite a long period of time with ease!” Year 1 teacher

“One of our boys is very reluctant to take part in any activities in the classroom without being coerced but in Yoga he just joins in without any hesitation and thoroughly enjoys taking part”. Year 3 Teacher

“The sessions have been really good for some of our less confident girls, overcoming the initial embarrassment of doing unusual poses has been really good for them. Some of our more vulnerable and stressed students have really benefited.” Year 10 Teacher

“My son has come home and talked very enthusiastically about yoga. He has been keen to show me poses he has learnt and practise them with me. I think yoga is brilliant way of helping young children manage their emotions. I hope it continues.” Primary School Parent

“I feel when I’m revising that I get ‘buzzed up’ and I’m doing all sorts of things and running around. I can be agitated with so much buzzing around my head. This gives me time to slow down and calm down.” Sixth Form Student

“I enjoyed being able to relax” / “It improved my balance a lot!” / “I loved the stretches. It was very relaxing.” / “I find it really calms me down” Year 10 Girls

“I love yoga!” / “My favourite pose is downward dog” / “ I like being a lion and making a big noise!” Year 2 children