Yoga On The Beach 2024

Our first big annual event of the year has just passed – Yoga On The Beach! What a day it turned out to be indeed – the weather was very nearly going the other way but it came through in the end.

With classes each hour, there was plenty of people taking the opportunity to practice in the sun with a huge variety of classes with teachers from some of Brighton’s top studios. We had the asana flowing and plenty of good vibes going, with everyone welcome to join whether they were complete beginners or seasoned students.

This day is always such good fun for all and a great way for us at the Brighton Yoga Foundation to raise awareness and share more about the work we do whilst raising vital funds to continue. The support is always so appreciated as it all goes towards free classes for communities that need it the most.


We got a lovely visit from the Mayor who was very supportive and keen to do what he can to get more community and outreach work into the city for more to enjoy. We also got a surprise visit from a very unexpected celebrity guest – did you see him too? It was a shock to say the least – so much so we it got picked up by our local news outlets. But at least he got involved and we can confirm he does enjoy regular Yoga!


A huge THANK YOU to all that came, contributed and share what we do – your support truly means a lot and allows us to continue providing vital spaces for those that need it the most.

Please continue to support us – you can donate or sign up to Easy Fundraising.