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If you are reading this, you will know the fantastic benefits of yoga – physically, mentally and spiritually. Brighton Yoga Foundation is on a mission to bring this joy to the wider communities through a range of community outreach programmes

Alone, we can only go so far. We need your help to make a bigger impact, to reach more people, and to heal whole communities through the power of yoga. That’s why we have launched our first ever Crowdfunding campaign through

We’re aiming to raise £10,000 to put the Foundation on a proper footing for the future – with an office and part-time organiser who will fundraise, organise our outreach work, and help to grow our annual yoga festival.

Groups and communities we’ve supported so far include:

  • Teenagers in East Brighton
  • LGBT young people
  • Women recovering from stress or abuse
  • The elderly and young children
  • School children

We also have plans for similar projects in mental health and in prisons.

Sarah Pailthorpe, yoga teacher at Threshold Women’s Services, one of the initiatives we’ve funded this year, told us:

“All the women who come [to the classes] say it makes them feel better… Some come in and they feel quite anxious, some people say they feel quite desperate when they wake up, they have some problems with anxiety and depression and when they leave they feel relaxed, more confident…they go out feeling much better than when they came in.”

Caroline Vitta, from Trust for Developing Communities, who runs our yoga for teenagers projst told us one participant commented: “It was a great way to relieve stress especially after school. It calms you down and makes you think of all the good things in life that we don’t always appreciate.”

There’s still so much more we can do, so many more people whose lives can be improved through yoga. More resources are crucial for us to develop and expand, and we need you to take our mission further.

Everyone that donates £5 or more will be entered into our exclusive prize draw for some fantastic yoga prizes, including a luxury yoga retreat to India. You can find out more about the rewards are on offer via our Chuffed Campaign page.

Help give the gift of yoga to those who most need it by supporting our fundraiser campaign.

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Just Launched: Mat Rental Service

Brighton Yoga Foundation has teamed up with Yogamatters to set up a unique service to provide yoga mats for classes, community venues, independent yoga teachers and studios. Are you a yoga teacher running a workshop? A studio with a yoga mat shortfall? ….we can help!

Thanks to a generous donation of mats from Yogamatters, the Foundation is able to provide mats at very low cost (just enough to cover storage and cleaning costs).

We can arrange for you to borrow, collect and bring back the number of yoga mats you need for a small charge.

If you are running a class being offered to people for free, the mat hire service is also free (except for a deposit). For paid yoga classes and events, the mats are offered at £1 per mat plus a deposit.

The full terms and conditions of the service can be found – BYF Mat Service Terms & Conditions

To arrange mat hire, contact us:

Yoga With Homeless Young People

News from one of our head festival organisers Cat Duval and her work with homeless young people, showing how Yoga can lead to self-empowerment, self-acceptance, and a better life….

Originally Posted by Cat Duval on 12th November, 2015

man janushishasana

“The long awaited day was today. Starting to run a yoga course working with homeless young people in Brighton, bringing yoga into their drop in centre the Clocktower Sanctuary.  The task of breaking down yoga into bite size manageable chunks and distilling thousands of years of wisdom, philosophy and practice into an accessible course that not only engages but inspires young people experiencing homelessness to believe in its relevance, prioritise it to come each week and with any luck integrate it into their day to day life.  No pressure then!

My aim with this course is to offer the opportunity to look at key principles of self acceptance and self empowerment through yogic philosophy and practice.  To offer straight forward tools and a key set of principles that these young people can apply to their own challenges and life situations, both on and off the mat.  A way to bring focus to the physical when the mental chatter is relentless, a way to calm the body when heat builds, to cool with the breath, to regain control and awareness and move forward from a place of balance in mind and body.

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Yoga Mala Charity Event: 108 Sun Salutations

IMG_3554Welcome Matt Allen to the BYF team! Matt will be the Brighton Yoga Festival’s new blogger, so keep a look out for his new posts on all the fantastic events and news we have in the run-up to BYF 2016…

Matt is a registered 500hr certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He’s working on his first book Simply Bamboo, which explores Human potential, personal transformation and providing a tool set which allows you to develop a deeper connection with yourself, others and the world you live in. Matt loves to swim in the sea, snowboard down mountains, climb trees, move every way he can with a smile on his face and spend as much time as humanly possible with his family.


As Winter draws ever closer and the need to warm the home and ourselves increases – the consumption of tea and hot chocolate does too!

We have great news to help keep you warm this Winter, well at least for an hour or two…. or maybe more.

A ‘Yoga Mala’ charity event for The Light Year Foundation, who believe that everybody should have the opportunity to unlock their potential to solve problems and engage with science, is being held this coming November at About Balance studio.

The event running on November 29th will not only unlock barriers for children in Ghana to participate in science classes, but will also help you unlock your own personal barriers: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

A win win situation…

The event being held is the time honoured tradition of 108 sun salutations.
1419081_stock-photo-yoga-sun-salutationEach sun salutation is a series of movements synchronised with breath, which usually guide you from a standing posture down to the floor and back up again. The sun represents the masculine, which is considered to be the right side of the body, (in some traditional yoga practices all movements begin on the right side of the body to honour the symbolic meaning of the sun and the masculine), when practicing moon salutations this shifts over to the left side of the body to represent the feminine.

Why 108?

Well besides 108 being a spiritual number in most Eastern Countries, it also has these interesting attributes:
  • 108 0r 9 dozen is an ‘abundant’ and ‘semi-perfect’ number, it is the hyper factorial of 3 and a refactorable number.
  • There are 108 free polyominoes of order 7 and in Euclidean space.
  • The interior angles of a regular pentagon measure 108 degrees each.
On a more spiritual note; the famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia depicts the Hindu story where a serpent is pulled back and forth by 108 gods and asuras (demons) – so that works out that 54 gods pull you one way, whilst the other 54 asuras pull you the other. This churning of the ocean milk leads to the production of an elixir, which leads to ’immortality’.
ghana school 2At this point your either baffled like me by the maths or on a spiritual journey towards ‘immortality’!
108 sun saltations will definitely baffle you and leave you feeling ‘milked’, which may or may not leave you feeling immortal….
If your super powers are sapped by the end of your 108 sun salutations, fear not, for you can enjoy a lovely and refreshing tea with the other participants at the end of the practice. Rest in the knowledge that your money and effort will be of great benefit to others.

To recap: the date you need to be brave and immortal is the 29th November. There are two sessions available at About Balance Studio; the first is at 1pm and the second 4.14pm. There is a 30 minute break between sessions.

There are only 15 places, so book yours now!

The cost to join is £18, with all the money going straight to the charity. Note that it costs £18 to cover the cost of one months worth of science class provision for the children in Ghana, so your £18 is going a very long way.
Attend with a strong, positive intention. (It will help you get through, I promise….) and above all; enjoy it!

For more information and to secure your ticket, click HERE

News Flash: Brighton Yoga Festival Presents £400 Donation to The Clock Tower Sanctuary

ctsphoto2Brighton youth homeless charity The Clock Tower Sanctuary, were today presented with a £400 cheque by Cat Duval of Brighton Yoga Festival. The Clock Tower Sanctuary provides information, support and advice to young people aged 16-25 who are either insecurely housed or homeless. The Sanctuary offers a safe and friendly space, food and drink, access to computers, signposting to housing, health, education, employment and social services.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary is the only drop-in centre for 16-25 year old homeless and insecurely housed people. The money raised from the festival will be put towards the Move-on project, which helps young homeless people to move-on to independent living – via structured one-to-one case-working, life skills courses, mentoring scheme and creative activities. Based on the successful pilot, The Sanctuary hopes to raise enough funds to fully incorporate yoga into this project. It would be fantastic to provide young people with the space and mental break from the chaos of being homeless.

Cat first became involved with The Sanctuary in April this year when she piloted a yoga class for young homeless people. The session was so well received that the Brighton-based Clock Tower Sanctuary agreed to continue running regular yoga classes for young homeless people.

Brighton Yoga Festival is an annual free community event that aims to introduce new people to the joys of yoga. A not-for-profit organisation itself, Brighton Yoga Festival raises money, via sponsorship and donations, for local charities. Davy Jones, yoga teacher and co-founder of the Festival said:

“It’s an important aspect of us being a community yoga festival, that we keep the event free and also donate to great local charities. As huge advocates of the benefits of yoga we are so pleased the Festival has been able to support The Clock Tower Sanctuary’s yoga project.”

In 2014 the Festival raised funds for The Brighton Unemployed and Families Centre and the Lifelines Older People’s project.

Natalia Borg, Fundraising Assistant at The Clock Tower Sanctuary said:

“We were delighted to hear that the Brighton Yoga Festival had chosen to support us this year. There are so many passionate and kind individuals behind the Festival, it has been a pleasure being involved with an event that cares so much about bringing the community together. We are very excited about what we can achieve together and the difference we can make to the lives of vulnerable young homeless people in Brighton and Hove.”

Speaking about the yoga for young people project, Cat Duval said:

“Yoga is a way to stay fit and healthy and stop our mind from chattering. I want to share useful tools that anyone can use to break spiralling negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour and make clear choices about forming new, positive ones”.

Plans are already underway for Brighton Yoga Festival 2016, and we look forward to welcoming lots of new faces!

Nine Lives Yoga & The Clock Tower Sanctuary: Yoga for Young Homeless People

Nine lives yoga logo

clock tower sanctuary logo

The Brighton Yoga Festival team are dedicated to helping others experience the vast benefits of Yoga, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what experience you may or maynot have. We’re especially passionate about extending the offerings of Yoga to those who may not usually have access to all the brilliant classes across Brighton and Hove.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary provide information, support and advice to Young  People between the ages of 16-25 who are either insecurely housed or homeless. The Sanctuary provides a safe and friendly space, food and drink, access to computers, signposting to housing, health, education, employment and social services. Perhaps most importantly, they also offer practical and emotional support to help those in need get back on their feet. The Clock Tower Sanctuary have been doing this since 1998, and now they’re collaborating with our very own Cat Duval.

Cat Duval – founder of Nine Lives Yoga – is a main festival organiser, as well as an accomplished and extremely experienced Yoga teacher. She teaches ‘a concoction of Unity Partner and Humandala Yoga (IYN), Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga (YA) weaving positive visualization and NLP (ANLP) into led meditations, asana practice and bespoke special events and playshops’, and is also an Acro Yoga teacher.

You may have met Cat at one of the Yoga Raves she’s been organising at All Saints Church in Hove , or perhaps at one of the surprise Yoga flashmobs that pop up now and again around town.

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