Why Are We Fundraising?

Did you know that, as a registered charity, our year-round core aim is to bring more people to yoga, particularly those who have barriers to access it. These barries might include cost, location and lack of knowledge on the different yoga approaches.

Brighton Yoga Foundation has been running since 2016, and has three main strands of work, including: running the annual yoga festival, co-ordinating and delivering outreach activity and grant-giving. In the last year, the Foundation has set up and funded projects for:

Feedback received from participants so far has been overwhelmingly positive, proof that classes make a real difference to the attendees. After their classes at Threshold Women’s Services, participants said they felt: “relaxed, more confident… and much better than when they first came in…”.

We want to continue doing good work.

If you have ever done yoga before, you will know the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of it. Bringing this experience to the people that need it most is our primary mission for existing. As it stands, we are the only body in the UK to do what we do.

We are committed to continuing our work, with potential projects lined up with MIND, Lewes Prison and the young LGBTQ community. Every penny raised at the annual Brighton Yoga Festival goes toward making future outreach projects happen. Can you help?  

Become a regular donar, find out how here. 

Or, if you want to become more involved, contact us to become a partner or ambassador of the charity.

Pictures by:
Beth Mercer Photography
Jonathan Jones