Brighton Yoga Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to taking yoga beyond the existing yoga community to those who would benefit from it the most.

At the moment, we have no rich benefactors (though we live in hope !) and the funds we receive from grant-giving bodies are almost always closely linked to specific yoga outreach projects that we are supporting.

We currently have no full-time staff, with a few freelancers working for us part-time on our projects. Instead we rely overwhelmingly on an ever-growing band of volunteers.

So we are always trying to raise money. Even from the earliest days of the Brighton Yoga Festivals before we became a charity, we raised money for good causes: the Brighton Unemployed and Families Centre and Lifelines (in 2014) and the Clocktower Sanctuary’s Yoga for Young Homeless, a programme of classes for young homeless people in Brighton (in 2015).

Now we try and raise money for our extensive yoga outreach work and our small grants programme funding innovative local yoga projects. Groups and communities we’ve supported so far include:

• Women recovering from stress or abuse
• Teenagers in East Brighton
• The elderly and young children
• School children
• People with mental health issues
• LGBT young people
• Police

In 2018, we have launched our first ever Crowdfunding campaign through (see the video on this page) to raise funds to enable us to take on part-time staff and an office.

Our main fundraising event of the year is the Brighton Yoga Festival which was due to run for the sixth year in a row on the 24th & 25th July 2020. Due to the Covid-19 crisis this is now postponed until July 2021. 

Many other annual events we participate in have also been cancelled this year such as the Brighton & Hove Take Part festival. 

We normally celebrate International Yoga Day on the 21st of June by running a day of community yoga where participants can make a donation to the BYF for taking part in a community class. Again, this event has be cancelled for 2020. 

We are actively applying for charity grants to enable us to continue our vital Community Outreach work during these challenging times

We know the wonderful benefits that yoga brings. But there are lots of people out there who don't and who think that yoga is not for them. Help us give the gift of yoga to those who most need it by supporting our fundraising activities.

Brighton Yoga Foundation general fundraising

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Other ways you can support us

Standing Order

You can take out a monthly bankers standing order to BYF. If you can, we suggest £5 a month. But if you can give more, or can only afford less, just choose an amount and it will all help the Festival to keep going. You can set up the standing order via internet banking or you can ask your bank branch to set it up for you. Please email us to receive the Bank account details.


You can send us a donation by cheque from £1 up to £1 million (we are optimists!).

Brighton Yoga Foundation's address is:
48 Princes Road, Brighton BN2 3RH.


You can register your support for us at the EasyFundraising website:

Just mention that your nominated charity is the Brighton Yoga Foundation. Then any online purchase you make (with over 4000 companies including all the well-known ones) automatically leads to a small donation being made to us. You just need to make sure you go in via the EasyFundraising website to make the purchase (just download the free EasyFundraising App that automatically reminds you). Your purchases do not cost more and none of your financial details are shared with anyone. It is all incredibly simple.

This is a really easy simple way to make money for Brighton Yoga Foundation - please consider it and tell your friends about it too.

Finally, if you want to help our fundraising work or can offer to organise a fundraising event for us, please contact us on: