Partner Feature: Yoga with Bryony

Each year, Brighton Yoga Festival is made possible with the help of our wonderful sponsors, all of whom exhibit at the festival. We thought you should find out a little more about each of these sponsors – starting with the lovely Bryony Hamerton of Yoga with Bryony

Tell us a little more about Yoga with Bryony?

Yoga with Bryony is my online offering which has evolved from over a decade of teaching yoga full time to many different students of all ages and physical diversity. As a studio owner and teacher trainer, I work with new teachers in small groups to learn, grow and develop their skills. As a Minded Yoga Therapist, I work 1-2-1 with clients with a wide range of conditions, I remain fascinated by the many and varied benefits yoga practice has for mental, physical and emotional challenges. Yoga with Bryony is my way to connect with others and to share the practices I know and love. 

How did you get into teaching yoga?

I practised yoga as a warm-up for theatre arts which I began studying as a child. After I moved to Brighton in 2002 I found a studio I loved and went to class every day, I knew then that I wanted to train as a teacher. I was working in the local mental health services at the time. I began to sense and observe how the patients were experiencing a disconnect and sometimes dissociation from their bodies which I strongly felt yoga would help with and could potentially give them back a sense of control and connection

When I met Allie Hill at yogahaven in 2006 I loved her non-dogmatic approach to teaching. I felt ready to train so I enrolled in the 2008 course, I have worked full time since then. 

What were your main aims when you began?

From the beginning, both my yoga practice and instructing has been about service, to self and others. My own practice has enabled me to live more peacefully with my anxiety and highly strung nature. I have a lot of energy and can be quite fiery, yoga soothes me and smooths my rough edges enough to live at peace with myself. When I connect to the divine, universal energy that connects us all I am aware that to serve others is to serve myself, sharing yoga with others nourishes my own soul. 

And have these changed?

No, only evolved to include more mindfulness and Buddhist teachings in daily life. Yoga with Bryony image

What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?

The exchange of energy and positive resonance that comes from creating the practice together with my students and clients. 

What have been the most important lessons you’ve learned?

To make time for my own practice and personal growth and to value my knowledge and experience. 

How long have you been involved with Brighton Yoga Festival? And what are you most excited about at  this year’s event?

My friend and co-teacher Emma-Louise Newlyn was involved from the start of the Brighton Yoga Festival, Be-Yoga got involved in the third year and I have sponsored the festival since then. I am very excited this year about the new venue. 

What does the festival’s theme “yoga for everyone” mean to you?

This was the original slogan for our studio Be-Yoga in Hayward’s Heath. I have always passionately believed in the benefits of a yoga practice for every single person, body shape, age, ability and capability. If you can breathe you can do yoga! 

What’s next for Yoga with Bryony?

As an online offering, I will be releasing more free videos on accessible online platforms as well as developing my membership website to offer new material every month. This includes specialised practices like flow yoga for strength building, therapeutic breath work and mindfulness for mental health, as well as a space on the site for mentoring yoga teachers. 

How can we find out more about you? or call me on 07818422387. I also teach full time at our studio Be-Yoga in Hayward’s Heath, just 11 miles up from Brighton. 

Tell us a secret…

I am terrified of worms… shhhhhhhh!

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