Partner Feature: Little Stars Childcare

Yoga for all is the theme of our annual Brighton Yoga Festival. No matter your age, size, background or experience, a regular yoga practice can benefit everyone.

Postures can be adapted and yogic techniques delivered in different ways. This is no better demonstrated than by our friends at Little Stars Childcare (Bear Road, Brighton) who are proud sponsors of the kids zone at this year’s festival on the 27 and 28 July.

All the children (even babies!) at Little Stars Childcare are given weekly yoga classes. They have been a successful part of the nursery timetable for the past few years – delivered by a children’s yoga specialist, Sarah Grice, in an age appropriate way. Through stories, Sarah teaches children to fly like birds, be still like trees and jump like frogs. The physical postures enable the children to develop gross motor skills and build core strength. Children have grown in confidence and reach physical milestones more easily.

The yoga classes also encourage children to stimulate both their vestibular and proprioceptive senses. Regularly being upside down and doing a variety of push pull activities feed these senses and give a more holistic form of physical exercise.

Perhaps the most important part of teaching yoga to young children is giving them a lifelong tool to deal with big emotions and teaching the importance of relaxation. Every class includes opportunities for the children to practice meditation and to feel its benefits. Over time, it is wonderful to see the children looking forward to this and being still for longer, showing children at a young age can meditate.