International Yoga Day @ Sussex County Cricket Ground

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21 June is not only the longest day of the year but in 2014 was named International Yoga Day (IYD) by a United Nations charter, with the support of 175 nations.

To celebrate the day this year, Brighton Yoga Foundation will be curating a special day of classes at the Sussex County Cricket Ground.

Classes are open to all and will include, beginners classes, postnatal yoga, soundbath, yoga for teenagers, you and the 12 steps programme, yoga for stress and anxiety.


Thursday 21 June – 10am – 6pm (last class at 5pm)


Sussex County Cricket Ground, Eaton Road, Hove BN3 3AN

Schedule of the day:

  • 10am – Beginner’s yoga class with Hannah
  • 11am – Yoga and the 12 steps with Marie Tompkins
  • 12noon – Yoga for older people (third Agers) with Peter Burton
  • 1pm – Yoga and Sound from energy to expression with Sabine Dahn
  • 2pm – Yoga for Teenagers, building strength, calmness and friendships with –Sabine Dahn
  • 3pm –  Yin Yoga with Louise Windsor
  • 4pm – Interoception- awareness of your deeper senses with Tobie Tomkinson
  • 5pm – Yoga, chanting and soundbath with Tobie Tomkinson and Siobhan 

Sign up HERE to receive programme updates and news from the Foundation.

The day will be free to enter, with donations to the Foundation gratefully received. 

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