Feedback from participants in our outreach classes.

Sometimes in the day to day work of co-ordinating and organising our yoga community outreach programmes and classes, we forget just how valued they are to those who participate in them. And then we get an email like this – last week – and it reminds us that our work is so important and makes such a difference to a lot of people who really enjoy the benefits of yoga:

Dear BYF team,

During the past year since the beginning of the first lockdown you rose to the challenge of continuing your dedicated care to all of it’s vulnerable clients immediately in a way that made us feel safe,anchored, supported,cared for, heard and comforted.
A guiding light in these challenging times. You did this by committing wholeheartedly throughout the week,every week up till the present time by delivering diverse zoom classes.
My personal journey throughout this period has given me precious space to practice regular classes. They enabled me to focus and dedicate myself to practicing self care and self compassion as on a retreat. The yoga classes combined mindfulness,breathwork and rest made an impact on my physical,emotional and mental strength.I sleep more deeply, waking restored. My fibromyalgia pain has been reduced,I have improved balance and increased mobility and can now move with greater ease and fluidity even between yoga postures. It’s an absolute joy to  experience and engage my core muscle strength which supports all my movements and has impacted positively with my urinary incontinence.
I have become more trusting,listening to my body and giving it what it needs compassionately without judgement.I feel safer, more peaceful, calmer and happier with greater gratitude for the tiniest things.I now have hope to gain what has felt lost to me. Living more fully.I know I have gained truly valuable tools to get me through everything.
I feel privileged to be a client of BYF and a part of this caring and nurturing  group receiving the best instruction by a brilliant team of dedicated teachers who have entered our hearts via the zoom screen. 
Heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all your loving kindness.
If you can donate something – however small or large – to help us run these classes, please go here: