Festival Feature: The Float Spa

What makes The Float Spa an award-winning health and wellbeing centre in Hove isn’t just the fact they offer floatation, yoga, massage, chiropractic care, nutrition advice and a whole host of different workshops under one roof, it’s their outstanding customer service and serene, friendly atmosphere.

Whether you visit for a float in one of their state of the art pods, have an appointment with a chiropractor, relax with a massage or a stimulating yoga class, you’ll leave feeling better and less stressed. All the staff at The Float Spa are committed to helping their guests have a relaxing, enjoyable time. From July, another option offered to clients for deep relaxation and relief from musculoskeletal pain, will be a session in their brand new state-of-the-art infrared sauna. The sauna is a private booth where you can totally relax- with an option to connect your phone via Bluetooth to listen to relaxing music, and a choice of seven different light colours, providing light therapy.

The Float Spa have played a fundamental role in the development of Brighton Yoga Foundation and Festival over the last few years, with Camille (founder of The Float Spa) giving her time as one of the Trustees of the Foundation and in sponsorship of the Festival. This year, The Float Spa’s highly experienced teachers will be offering a range of classes all aimed at beginners, these teachers include: Sarah Williams, Rosie Iles-Jonas, Andy Butterfield, Lewis Hatchett, Brydie Rowan, Bella Somerville.

The Float Spa are based at: 8 Third Ave, Hove BN3 2PX.

Book a float experience, massage and see the yoga schedule and more: www.thefloatspa.co.uk

Live Life Well….

Festival Feature: About Balance

About Balance is a low-cost, fair trade, well-being centre, that aims to make the wellness industry affordable and accessible for all.

It all began when Effie Love (the founder) was working as an acupuncturist in Brighton, she quickly realised that the cost of her treatments were not easily affordable and accessible to everyone. Knowing this, she was driven to create a space that offered treatments, yoga and well-being services for all, as well as making sure teachers and therapists could make a living! Part of About Balance’s success has come down to their unique ‘Karma Card’ initiative, which works as a clever membership scheme, giving you a hefty discount off classes and therapies, and unlike a gym membership, you don’t have to be locked into a contract, with a choice to pay month by month if desired.

We spoke briefly with Effie ahead of the upcoming Yoga Festival…

How did you hear about Brighton Yoga Festival?

About Balance and Brighton Yoga Festival are actually exactly the same age! We were one of the original organisers of the festival,  setting up About Balance alongside getting the festival going! We had a stand at the festival even before we were open, so we feel a strong connection to it! About Balance has come along way since then, 4 years down the line we have a bigger venue, a shop that support local producers and 2 floatation tanks. We feel very blessed!

How you will be involved in the Festival this year?

We will be sponsoring one of the main areas, as well as giving away 20 yearly Karma cards to big donators (sharing the love and all that!). We will also be teaching 3 yoga classes, have a retail stall and I’ll will be giving a talk about ‘The value of yoga and accessibility’ with the ‘Joyful Web’.

Why is it important for everyone to experience yoga?
Yoga is like coming home. Yoga is the place where you are fully awake and fully absorbed. You learn this through the asana practice, but if you are lucky, you will take the tools that you learned there and take them off the Mat. The reason Patanjali gave Asana such an important part in the 8 limbs is because what you can learn on the mat by following your breath and movement, you can take to your life off the mat to get closer samadhi- full absorption. Like Jim Terran (of Vajrasati yoga) once put it so beautifully- it’s like when you are smelling a rose, and the scent is so beautiful, you are fully absorbed, there’s nothing else in the universe bar you and that rose in that moment. This is yoga for me.  Oh yes and it makes you flexible and beach body ready! 😀
About Balance is based at 20-22 Gloucester Pl, Brighton BN1 4AA 

Find out more and check out their daily schedule here: www.aboutbalancebrighton.com


BYF Special Offer from The Float Spa


Our main sponsors The Float Spa have a very special offer for everyone who attends this Saturday’s festival!

For one day only, you’ll be able to purchase a single floatation experience for £35, which saves you £30 off the full price of one of their floatation therapies.

Each experience includes a welcome drink, 60 minutes of floating, and a refreshing post-float sorbet and tea.

A few of the festival team have already been lucky enough to experience these therapies for ourselves, and we must say that there isn’t anything quite like this in Brighton and Hove – everyone at The Float Spa really does put everything into providing each individual with an amazing experience.

Grab this offer while you can – only at the Brighton Yoga Festival this Saturday!

To find out more about Emma’s experience at The Float Spa, click HERE.
Visit the full website at: www.thefloatspa.co.uk


BYF Interviews: The Float Spa




Nestled away in Hove’s Third Avenue, The Float spa offers an immediate source of peace and is a welcome antidote to the hustle-and bustle of Brighton & Hove’s lively streets.

As our main sponsors this year, The Float Spa are set to be the new hub for health and wellbeing in Brighton & Hove. After being open only 3 months, they’ve already managed to build strong relationships with everyone who enters their doors – and it’s no wonder; visit them and you’ll feel completely cared for the moment you step through the door, each datail of your visit thoughtfully and attentively seen to.

The Float Spa offers much more than floatation therapy; Yoga classes and complementary therapies of all types to choose from ensure that everything you might need to feel healthy and happy is available.

Emma recently took a visit to The Float Spa – and you’ll be able to find out more about floating and her experience there soon, but for now, have a read of our interview with The Float Spa’s owner, Camille.


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