Festival Feature: Cosmic Kids Yoga

We’re super excited that Cosmic Kids Yoga will be joining us at the Festival this year. The biggest kids yoga channel on YouTube, Cosmic Kids is driven by the enthusiasm of Jaime, who has achieved more than 50 million views on her videos, telling engaging, interactive ‘yoga adventure’ stories that get kids doing yoga. Jaime makes yoga fun for kids – and has helped millions with their self-regulation, balance and confidence.

Jaime is also a leader in online kids yoga teacher training with 20,000 people having taken her kids yoga crash course and more than 1000 certified Cosmic Kids teachers teaching kids yoga professionally around the world.

Cosmic Kids will be hosting a very exciting session of ‘Star Wars Yoga’ – one of the most popular Cosmic Kids adventures on the channel, re-creating Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope in yoga! And the hugely popular Squish the Fish will be making an appearance taking us on another yoga adventure, as well as a meet and greet.

Take a look at Cosmic Kids online: www.cosmickids.com