Festival Feature: Kristina Karitinou-Ireland

Interviewed by author Peter Guttridge, we are overjoyed that Kristina Karitinou-Ireland will be joining us at this year’s festival. The talk will explore the history of yoga in our city and Derek’s legacy.

Derek Ireland was a hugely charismatic and influential Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Born in Brighton, he played football for the Albion, was the Sex Pistols’ roadie and was one of the first students of Sri K Pattabhi Jois. He is considered one of the most important yoga teachers of our era, succeeding in spreading the Ashtanga method in Europe. Tragically, he died of cancer 20 years ago this September.

Kristina’s work is a continuation of Derek’s teaching principles and techniques, a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, she has been teaching through the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois since 1991. The last years she has been actively involved in the practice of Zen chanting and sitting under the guidance of Zen Master Hyon Gak Sunim. She teaches the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Sequence and she offers classes, workshops, retreats and TTCs all year round in Greece, Europe and Asia.

You can read more about Kristina and her work here: www.yogapractice.gr

Catch Kirstina’s talk on Saturday 14 July, midday at this year’s festival.

At BYF 2015: Inspiration Yoga

Inspiration Yoga logo
Inspiration Yoga
was founded by Davy Jones and Janaki, who both have a passion for yoga and want others to enjoy it too.

Together they run regular classes in Brighton, Hove, Sussex and London.  Inspiration Yoga hold workshops in Brighton and elsewhere round the country and host yoga holidays in the sun in Europe and Turkey.  Both Davy and Janaki also offer 1-2-1 tuition, and their many years of teaching experience is valuable in a world where everyone’s ‘doing yoga’!

be inspired retreat photoAttend a Yoga holiday with Inspiration Yoga, and you’ll be treated to two contrasting – yet perfectly paired – styles of Yoga. Janaki’s flowing hatha style is superbly complemented by Davy’s dynamic astanga yoga teaching, and each student is invited to explore posture, pranayama and meditation in-depth. Inspiration Yoga’s classes are always accompanied by a sense of fun and warmth, and are open to all levels of yogi to enjoy. Davy and Janaki are passionate that Yoga is “always inclusive, never exlusive”….

At this year’s festival, Janaki will be leading a mixed ability vinyasa flow classsuitable for all. The class will begin and end with guided relaxation and wake up with a slow warm up and faster flow into balances twists and backbends. Softer options are offered for less experienced yogis.

More About Janaki

janaki1“I’ve been teaching since 1998 and graduated from Sivananda Ashram in Kerala. I’ve undertaken further studies of Astanga, yin, iyengar, partner yoga, and sequencing”. She also runs workshops, holidays, and spa retreats where meditation, pranayama and chanting feature on the timetable. Janaki teaches in Brighton, London and Europe, and also teaches disabled and elderly practitioners.


See www.inspirationyoga.net for more details, their class timetable and contact details.

To keep up to date with Inspiration Yoga, follow them on Twitter and Facebook!


Check back very, very soon for specific class times; the BYF team are currently programming and the festival schedule will be announced shortly!

At BYF 2015: Revitalise

REVITALISE LOGOWith two centres to choose from, Revitalise offer Yoga, Pilates, Colonic hydrotherapy, massage, reiki, reflexology, and much more….You’ll find the Revitalise studios in Brighton (Western Road) and Hove (Church Road), and they’re home to some of Brighton’s leading Yoga teachers such as our very own Davy Jones! The Hove branch also holds a health shop, stocking foods, drinks, teas and all manner of skin and body products.With many different styles to choose from including Ashtanga, Hatha, Vajrasati, Vinyasa, Yin, Qi mindfulness yoga, Yin Yang, Scaravelli – inspired, Kripalu,   and Yoga for beginners, the studios offer a full and varied schedule of classes – as well as Pilates beginners and improvers, and weekend workshops.Along-side the studio, owner Clare Brown has also ventured into trainings, with Harmonise Training Academy. The 200hr accredited courses are taught by professionals and industry experts, and they currently offer these level 3 courses in Yoga, Pilates and massage.At this year’s festival, Revitalise will be leading two classes of very different styles, indicating the variety they offer at the studios.Clare-Brown-Revitalise2After having taught Pilates for over 10 years and trained in India to teach Yoga, Clare Brown will lead a Yoga and Pilates fusion class, combining the mindfulness, breathing and stretching of yoga with the alignment, core stability and posture awareness of Pilates. Those who attend will discover the instant benefits felt in the body and mind, and gain a better understanding of the ‘self’. Clare says: “Hopefully this will be just the start of your journey of self discovery ……. The class is aimed at beginners and suitable for all levels, so come and join in this informative session!”

The second class from Revitalise will be lead by dedicated Ashtanga teacher Laurene Anstee, who tells us about what to expect from her class:

“In the Ashtanga yoga system there are 6 series, the primary / first series is also referred to as Yoga Chikitsa. Yoga Chikitsa means yoga Laurene-Anstee-140x140therapy and the purpose of this first series is to make the body strong and healthy, detoxifying, rebalancing and aligning it ready for the next series. My teaching  is perfect for beginners and  people exploring the practice  – there is no judgement, no force, no pressure. It’s all about taking time out for yourself and your physical and mental health. I have a true love and devotion for the practice and love sharing  this. I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon to share the light of Yoga”

Stop by the Revitalise stall at the festival to learn more about their classes & teachers, therapies, and Harmonise Training Academy

Visit the Revitalise website at www.revitalise-u.com

Learn more about Harmonise Training Academy at www.harmonisetrainingacademy.com

Check back soon for specific class times – festival programming is currently in process!

At BYF 2015: The Yoga People


The Yoga People are a community of teachers and cooperating studios founded by RYT-500 teachers Jamie Clarke & Dulce Aguilar. Jamie and Dulce have been
typ photo 2practicing and training teachers all over the world since 2001; collectively they have over 24-years of experience and 3000 hours of training in a range of disciplines, including traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Tripsichore, Mandala and Rocket yoga. To date, more than 400 students have become Yoga Alliance certified teachers on their accredited programs at the 200 Hour and 500 Hour level. The Yoga People are committed to developing the most excellent and insightful teachers, offering a holistic approach to learning and nourishing personal development.


What can we expect from The Yoga People this year?

Rocket Express: A dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa class that is designed to connect breath with movement. It is a multi-level class appropriate for students of all levels of flexibility and stamina. Rocket classes focus on purifying the body, while quietening the mind, and creating an internal heat within the body. Participants will be instructed to practice the postures at varying levels – so you always have a choice of how far to take each asana. The class includes a fun series of standing and seated poses that is sure to give you a full work-out, making your savasana even sweeter at the end. It’s all about the intention….

TYP say: The ROCKET SYSTEM was created in San Francisco by Larry Shultz, a student of visionary Pattabhi Jois back in the day, who took the traditional Ashtanga further by pioneering these now infamous sequences. As the story goes Larry developed The Rocket while on tour with the Grateful Dead ( a cult rock band in the States during the 1970s and 80s). His inspiration took him to make combinations of the postures used in the first three Ashtanga series.  The result were routines practiced at a faster tempo, which elevated the cardio system, and increasing stamina with non-stop breath and movement.

The Rocket routines are all about  change, about lifting our innate energy skyward and strengthening mind, body and spirit. They’re about getting in touch with the most elusive part of the practice which is the breathing, as well as emphasising the bandhas, drishti and the essence of vinyasa. The routines use advanced variations and creative transitions,  as well as incorporating some advanced asanas of the second and third series bringing refreshing accessibility of these out of reach postures. The upbeat tempo of movement is the catalyst for transformation. Each routine is designed to wake up the nervous system, stimulate euphoria and bring intensity to the practice. The sequences develop strength, openness, progression and freedom on and off the mat”.

Click HERE to find out more about how Rocket Yoga can shoot you to the stars….

This year’s Yoga People class will be lead by Jonelle Lewis-Chamberlain, who has just returned from teaching at the 2015 Yoga Connects Festival.

An American living in London, Jonelle dabbled with Ashtanga in 2004 while she was pregnant with her daughter Francesca. After a long break from yoga, in 2011 jonelle lewis chamberlain photo yogashe began practicing with a purpose. While going through a difficult divorce she found her yoga practice really helped her get her life back. “It was liberating, invigorating and healing”.

In March 2014 Jonelle went to India to train as an yoga teacher with The Yoga People. Jonelle is certified as an Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour foundation course. In 2015 she completed an 100 Yin Yoga training in Bali with Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier. Jonelle teaches all over Central and South London.

Jonelle Lewis-Chamberlain has developed Mini Rocket, Rocket Junior and Rocket Teens for the next generation of yogis. She enjoys teaching all age groups and firmly believes ‘Yoga is for EVERYBODY’

Visit The Yoga People at their stall on the day of the festival to find out more about their Yoga teacher trainings, retreats, classes and workshops, as well as information on their collaboration with The Karma Yoga Project.

Click here for The Yoga People website

Click here for The Yoga People facebook page

Check back soon for specific class times. Scheduling is currently in process!

At BYF 2015: Brighton Natural Health Centre

brighton natural health centre logo


As we approach the last few weeks before 2015’s Brighton Yoga Festival, we’re excited to present to you our sponsors, teachers and therapists. Find out more about who you’ll find at this year’s festival as we introduce the people who will be sharing their passions for yoga, health and wellbeing this year….

Read more At BYF 2015: Brighton Natural Health Centre

Introducing…. Davy Jones & Inspiration Yoga


Davy Jones is a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party at the next election in Brighton’s Kemptown. He does consultancy work with local communities and public services, teaches and practices Yoga, is one half of Inspiration Yoga with his wife Janaki, and also manages to be a family man too…. If that wasn’t enough, Davy is also co-director and co-founder of the Brighton Yoga Festival!

Davy practices and teaches Ashtanga Yoga in Brighton, and leads popular Yoga retreats with Janaki.  However, after leaving his first ever yoga class in 1999 feeling ‘nervous, inadequate and embarrassed.’, it’s a wonder he ever returned to the mat! Thankfully, years later, Davy is teaching and sharing his passion with many practitioners across Brighton.

Read the interview to find out how Davy brings balance to his life, what he loves about Brighton, and his favourite way to start the day….

Read more Introducing…. Davy Jones & Inspiration Yoga

Introducing…. The Yoga People


Meet the sponsors of our main hall at the festival!

The Yoga People are a community of teachers and cooperating studios founded by RYT500 hours teachers Jamie Clarke and Dulce Aguilar. Since 2001, Jamie and Dulce have travelled the world practicing yoga, training teachers and sharing the yoga love with classes, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings. To date, more than 400 students have become Yoga Alliance certified teachers on their 200 hour and 500 hour accredited programs.

The Yoga People are committed to developing excellent and insightful teachers, offering a holistic approach to learning and encouraging personal development. Currently they offer teacher trainings and advanced programs in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, Tripsichore, Mandala and Rocket disciplines. Training can be taken in an intensive or modular format and is offered at various locations across the globe, including London, India, Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Bali.

Co-founder and CEO of The Yoga People, Jamie Clarke took part in our interview, here’s what he told us about his love of meditation, how he found yoga, and what you can expect from The Yoga People class at the festival….

Read more Introducing…. The Yoga People

Introducing…. Anne-Marie & Sun Power Yoga


Anne-Marie Newland founded Sun Power Yoga in a time when yoga began to expand and grow into an inspiring and exciting new way of life for many people. Their teacher training courses are internationally and UK accredited and have been transforming lives since 2003. Sun Power Yoga now have teachers all over the globe who carry the ethos with them; ‘A Yoga teacher is a Practitioner not a Preacher, we live Yoga in our Daily lives.’ Read more Introducing…. Anne-Marie & Sun Power Yoga