Festival Feature: About Balance

About Balance is a low-cost, fair trade, well-being centre, that aims to make the wellness industry affordable and accessible for all.

It all began when Effie Love (the founder) was working as an acupuncturist in Brighton, she quickly realised that the cost of her treatments were not easily affordable and accessible to everyone. Knowing this, she was driven to create a space that offered treatments, yoga and well-being services for all, as well as making sure teachers and therapists could make a living! Part of About Balance’s success has come down to their unique ‘Karma Card’ initiative, which works as a clever membership scheme, giving you a hefty discount off classes and therapies, and unlike a gym membership, you don’t have to be locked into a contract, with a choice to pay month by month if desired.

We spoke briefly with Effie ahead of the upcoming Yoga Festival…

How did you hear about Brighton Yoga Festival?

About Balance and Brighton Yoga Festival are actually exactly the same age! We were one of the original organisers of the festival,  setting up About Balance alongside getting the festival going! We had a stand at the festival even before we were open, so we feel a strong connection to it! About Balance has come along way since then, 4 years down the line we have a bigger venue, a shop that support local producers and 2 floatation tanks. We feel very blessed!

How you will be involved in the Festival this year?

We will be sponsoring one of the main areas, as well as giving away 20 yearly Karma cards to big donators (sharing the love and all that!). We will also be teaching 3 yoga classes, have a retail stall and I’ll will be giving a talk about ‘The value of yoga and accessibility’ with the ‘Joyful Web’.

Why is it important for everyone to experience yoga?
Yoga is like coming home. Yoga is the place where you are fully awake and fully absorbed. You learn this through the asana practice, but if you are lucky, you will take the tools that you learned there and take them off the Mat. The reason Patanjali gave Asana such an important part in the 8 limbs is because what you can learn on the mat by following your breath and movement, you can take to your life off the mat to get closer samadhi- full absorption. Like Jim Terran (of Vajrasati yoga) once put it so beautifully- it’s like when you are smelling a rose, and the scent is so beautiful, you are fully absorbed, there’s nothing else in the universe bar you and that rose in that moment. This is yoga for me.  Oh yes and it makes you flexible and beach body ready! 😀
About Balance is based at 20-22 Gloucester Pl, Brighton BN1 4AA 

Find out more and check out their daily schedule here: www.aboutbalancebrighton.com


Yoga Mala Charity Event: 108 Sun Salutations

IMG_3554Welcome Matt Allen to the BYF team! Matt will be the Brighton Yoga Festival’s new blogger, so keep a look out for his new posts on all the fantastic events and news we have in the run-up to BYF 2016…

Matt is a registered 500hr certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He’s working on his first book Simply Bamboo, which explores Human potential, personal transformation and providing a tool set which allows you to develop a deeper connection with yourself, others and the world you live in. Matt loves to swim in the sea, snowboard down mountains, climb trees, move every way he can with a smile on his face and spend as much time as humanly possible with his family.


As Winter draws ever closer and the need to warm the home and ourselves increases – the consumption of tea and hot chocolate does too!

We have great news to help keep you warm this Winter, well at least for an hour or two…. or maybe more.

A ‘Yoga Mala’ charity event for The Light Year Foundation, who believe that everybody should have the opportunity to unlock their potential to solve problems and engage with science, is being held this coming November at About Balance studio.

The event running on November 29th will not only unlock barriers for children in Ghana to participate in science classes, but will also help you unlock your own personal barriers: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

A win win situation…

The event being held is the time honoured tradition of 108 sun salutations.
1419081_stock-photo-yoga-sun-salutationEach sun salutation is a series of movements synchronised with breath, which usually guide you from a standing posture down to the floor and back up again. The sun represents the masculine, which is considered to be the right side of the body, (in some traditional yoga practices all movements begin on the right side of the body to honour the symbolic meaning of the sun and the masculine), when practicing moon salutations this shifts over to the left side of the body to represent the feminine.

Why 108?

Well besides 108 being a spiritual number in most Eastern Countries, it also has these interesting attributes:
  • 108 0r 9 dozen is an ‘abundant’ and ‘semi-perfect’ number, it is the hyper factorial of 3 and a refactorable number.
  • There are 108 free polyominoes of order 7 and in Euclidean space.
  • The interior angles of a regular pentagon measure 108 degrees each.
On a more spiritual note; the famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia depicts the Hindu story where a serpent is pulled back and forth by 108 gods and asuras (demons) – so that works out that 54 gods pull you one way, whilst the other 54 asuras pull you the other. This churning of the ocean milk leads to the production of an elixir, which leads to ’immortality’.
ghana school 2At this point your either baffled like me by the maths or on a spiritual journey towards ‘immortality’!
108 sun saltations will definitely baffle you and leave you feeling ‘milked’, which may or may not leave you feeling immortal….
If your super powers are sapped by the end of your 108 sun salutations, fear not, for you can enjoy a lovely and refreshing tea with the other participants at the end of the practice. Rest in the knowledge that your money and effort will be of great benefit to others.

To recap: the date you need to be brave and immortal is the 29th November. There are two sessions available at About Balance Studio; the first is at 1pm and the second 4.14pm. There is a 30 minute break between sessions.

There are only 15 places, so book yours now!

The cost to join is £18, with all the money going straight to the charity. Note that it costs £18 to cover the cost of one months worth of science class provision for the children in Ghana, so your £18 is going a very long way.
Attend with a strong, positive intention. (It will help you get through, I promise….) and above all; enjoy it!

For more information and to secure your ticket, click HERE

At BYF 2015: About Balance

About Balanceabout balance acro photo

About Balance can be found on East Street, (just above V-Bites Café) and the studio & therapy rooms are ‘just a stone’s throw away’ from the sea. Co-owners Effie Love and Hannah McGuffog opened About Balance in September 2014, and the center has ever since been home to what appears to be the most diverse variety of  Yoga classes across Brighton and Hove.

acupuncture photoProviding an eclectic and wide range of therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Energy Healing, Constellation Mapping, Pranassage, Reflexology and lots more, the space offers complete wellbeing, with something for everyone.

About Balance pride themselves on being a low-cost, fair-trade well-being centre. They believe in making well-being and yoga affordable to all, while making sure all of the teachers and therapists are well-paid. ‘Karma Cards’about balance dancer photo are available to purchase, which enables vastly reduced rates on classes and therapies for just £15 per month. The Karma Card will also get you 10% off in V-Bites (situated just below the studio and therapy rooms), The Marwood Cafe, Seed N Sprout and The Spice Shop (to name but just a few). About Balance also collaborate with Hisbe, thus creating a real sense of community by linking all of these different shops, studios and cafes together so everyone can afford to support the local retailers.

(Check the website for their current special offer of £30 for 3 months!)

About Balance bring two classes to the festival this year, each lead by one of the studio co-owners.

For those who find themselves stuck at a desk all day, Effie Love offers ‘Yoga For Office Workers, and has this to say about her class;

“The human body was not designed for sitting down on chairs. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us, spend more and more time staring at computers sitting on our glorious bums. . This brings back and neck ache, as well as others discomforts and injuries to the body.

In this class we will learn a simple sequence that we can do every day to help open the rib-cage, stretch our backs and improve circulation”. 

About Effie Love:

EFFIE BYF PHOTOAbout Balance co-owner Effie is an acupuncturist (BSc (hons), LicAc, MBAcC), a massage therapist and a dedicated yoga teacher. She is also one of the BYF organisers.

Effie works in Google and have a very good understanding of the human body and how to make it better and as a resolute make YOU happier.

The second class from About Balance is lead by Hannah McGuffog; a Hatha-Vinyasa class suitable for all levels. Hatha Vinyasa is a gentle flow with some ‘vinyasas’ added to keep the energy moving. The mixed-ability class has lots of options offered for the asanas, so each student can get the most out of the class.

About Hannah McGuffog:

Hannah McGuffog PhotoAbout Balance co-owner Hannah’s style of teaching is very down to earth, classes are always spiked with humour and the general idea is to challenge you and make you go home feeling better about yourself.

Stop by the About Balance Stall on the day of the festival for more information about classes, therapies and workshops, and amazing offers on their Karma cards!

Click here to visit the About Balance Website.

Check back very soon for specific class times; scheduling is currently in process and we are very nearly ready to announce the Brighton Yoga Festival programme!