Supporting the Yoga Community

Brighton Yoga Foundation is proud to provide a number of services to the large yoga community in the city and surrounding areas. 
Brighton & Hove has a huge yoga community. We reckon it is the biggest in the country per head of population. Everyone in Brighton & Hove knows someone who does yoga. There are a few dozen yoga studios around the city and beyond in Sussex. There are hundreds of yoga teachers, and thousands of people practising yoga regularly. And it is a vibrant progressive community that has helped to shape the evolution and development of Brighton & Hove as one of if not the most progressive city in the UK.
yoga teacher forum
Brighton Yoga Foundation is proud to be both a part of the yoga community and also to be able to offer lots of services to that yoga community - most of which are entirely free of charge and which help the community to function more effectively.
As well as the Directory of yoga studios and teachers we also provide a Yoga Mat Rental Service, run the regular local Yoga Teachers Forums, and a project to chronicle the history of yoga in the city.
We are always trying to think of ways that we can help the yoga community - if you have a great idea for how we can help, contact us on