Brighton Yoga Festival 2022 - Programme

Please note programme's will be available to collect at the registration desk when you arrive to check in and collect your wristband.

RED ZONE - Sponsored by Infinity Foods

10am | Opening Ceremony

10:15-11am | Ashtanga | Davy Jones

A fast furious and fun class to start the Festival in style! Davy is one of the original founders of the BYF.

11:10-11:55am | One Love Vinyasa Flow | Anna Sugarman

Open your heart & get the energy flowing. Draw breath into your centre & expand it into the space beyond.

12:05-12:50pm | Cultivating Happiness | Lianne Campbell

Create a strong foundation for joy and contentment, boost your immune system and strengthen your resilience. Sponsored by The Unity Centre.


1:20-2:05pm| kundalini Yoga | Sharon Ravi Vedya Kaur

Scientific technology for happiness. Combining postures, breath, mantra and meditation to expand your consciousness. Sponsored by The Float Spa.

2:15-3pm | OPEN FLOW | Rosie Iles-Jonas

Rosie creates a space for you to remember who you were before conditioning & culture made you hold your body in unnatural, small & ultimately painful ways.

3:10-3:55pm | Vinyasa Flow | Anna Waldman

A dynamic vinyasa flow class accompanied by an immersive playlist aiming to get you out of your head and into your body. Sponsored by Humankind.

4:05-4:50pm | The Yogi's Journey | Jim Tarran

A deep dive into the heart of yoga practice with senior teacher and senior teacher trainer Jim Tarran.

5:00-5:45pm | Acro Yoga | Lauren Azor

Learn To Fly: Come and learn the joys of AcroYoga – a beautiful practice where we lift each other up!

5:50-6:35pm | Yoga | Leonie Taylor

Leonie’s classes are accessible & adaptive; students are encouraged to practice at their own pace, building up intuition & trust. Sponsored by Brighton Natural Health Centre.

6:45pm | Closing Ceremony | The Freedom Djembes

BLUE ZONE - Sponsored by The Unity Centre


10:15-11am | Embodied Flow | Sarah Williams

Inspired by flow, somatic movement & restorative approaches, this creative approach to yoga as self-inquiry offers a dynamic & meditative practice.

11:10-11:55am | Flow into rest | indie foolheea

Brighton Yoga Foundation Class. This slow flow class is for those that identify as Black, Brown & part of a marginalised or racialised community.

12:05-12:50pm | restorative yoga | niKki tuke

45 Mins of wonderfully restorative yoga, nourishing, nurturing & rebalancing.


1:20-2:05pm | Go With The Flow | Janaki Platford

A fluid imaginative class for all levels building to a gentle flow totally accommodating to newcomers or experienced yogis.

2:15-3pm| śūnyatā and pūrṇatva | Khadine Morcom

Emptiness & fullness: The integration of our experience of being returning to the meaning of yoga as ‘union’, using āsana as the entry into knowing.

3:10-3:55pm | Bringing Somatics into YOGA | Charlotte Watts

We explore pulsing, rocking, rolling movement into the 'form' of yoga asana. Move from the ground towards seated through a loosening & embodying process.

4:05-4:50pm | Body Positive Yoga | Lou Thomas

Yoga for celebrating your unique body. This practice emphasises yoga as a tool for joy and empowerment.

5:00-5:45pm | pilates flow | matteo Bigliardi

Open level dynamic flow pilates based movement to soften, expand and strengthen.

5:50-6:35pm | Hatha Yoga Mindfulness | victoria cooper

A gentle, mindfulness based Hatha class with a focus on the breath and unwinding tension in both body and mind. Sponsored by The Unity Centre.

Head to the RED Zone for the closing ceremony.

YELLOW ZONE - Sponsored by Humankind

10:15-11am | Prana Vinyasa | Lou Hill

A practice based on the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space. Expect to be energised throughout this powerful creative flow. Sponsored by Humankind.

11:10-11:55am | Unity Yoga | Sevanti

A deep and meditative flow through stillness & sacred movement. An investigative & experiential journey. Sponsored by The Unity Centre.

12:05-12:50pm | Yin for Summer | Louise Windsor

Yin Yoga for the Heart of Summer. A slow floor based mindful practice to nourish the Heart Qi. 


1:20-2:05pm | Qigong | Peter Deadman

Using body, breath and mind integration, this qigong session will explore the traditional trinity of Heaven, Human and Earth.

2:15-3pm | Balance, Movement & BREATH | Sharon Carter

Balanced movement and breath in yoga. Join Sharon in a gentle yoga practice exploring strength, breath and balance in movement.

3:10-3:55pm | Purpose-Power-Peace | Brydie Rowan

This practice merges Yoga's principles of movement & philosophy with neuro dynamics, fascial release, balance work & breath. Sponsored by The Float Spa.

4:05-4:50pm | Dynamic Iyengar | Genevieve Wilcox

This will be a short dynamic class consisting mainly of standing work with a focus on the arms and shoulders.

5:00-5:45pm | Inspired Vinyasa | Emma Charvet

Alignment based, breath inspired Vinyasa. With a focus on deep release in flow of breath & movement.

5:50-6:35pm | Flow to stillness | Danielle Griffiths

A flowing, uplifting & innovative practice, with a carefully compiled playlist. Yoga, that is less about perfect postures & more about how we feel.

GREEN ZONE - Sponsored by The Float Spa

10:15-11am | The Art of Heart | Mary-Lou Aitken

Through simple yet powerful held, Yin postures, learn to quieten the mind & discover the core Self, free of judgment, tension, & striving.

11:10-11:55am | Bumps & Babies Yoga | Laurène Bizarro

A fun & nourishing class for parents/carers with babies & parents with bumps. Suitable during pregnancy & new parents after 6/10 week midwife check.

12:05-12:50pm | Yoga Nidra/Sleep Yoga | Luisa Villar

Relax in a calm space to connect to your own inner universe. The session will be floor based in a comfortable position of your choice.


1:20-2:05pm | Restorative Yoga | Holly Rooney 

A slow paced beginner friendly floor based practice, to relax and ground you, aligning the body and spirit. Sponsored by Humankind.

2:15-3pm | Thrive: Move, Breathe & Rest | Helen Moss

Brighton Yoga Foundation Class. A trauma informed practice open to everyone, celebrating women's health and wisdom.

3:10-3:55pm | Gentle Asana | Pablo Wilson

With an emphasis on the practitioner tuning in/ listening. Present moment awareness facilitates release, guiding us to our centre, to stillness, to Yoga.

4:05-4:50pm | Gentle Hatha & Yoga Nidra | Sarah Wheeler

The Wind Down: Mindful movement to prepare the body for rest, followed by guided meditation to encourage the altered state of Yoga Nidra.

5:00-5:45pm | Sun Flow | Clare McGill

This class will start by warming up the body and build into a gentle flow mixed with Indian mythology and end with a reviving savasana.

5:50-6:35pm | Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath | Jennie & Ashka

A practice involving slow movement & longer held poses. Accompanied by soothing sounds and end with a Soundbath. Sponsored by The Float Spa.

PURPLE ZONE - Sponsored by Open Space Studios

10:15-10:45am | Book Reading : Shadow & Rose  | Sarah Wheeler

Shadow and Rose, A soulful guide for women recovering from rape and sexual violence.

11:10-11:55am | Cacao Meditation | Madeleine Zindel

Share beautiful heart-opening plant medicine Cacao and a guided meditation to deepen your connection with your own heart, wisdom and the loving spirit of Cacao. Sponsored by From a Small Seed.

12:05-12:35pm | Infinity Food | Peter Deadman

How hippy idealism transformed the food and wellbeing landscape of Brighton & Hove (and beyond). Sponsored by Infinity Foods.


1:20-1:50pm | Meditation Basics | Camille Pierson

Short guided visualisations that teach you how to take micro resets during the day to reduce stress & anxiety. Sponsored by The Float Spa.

2-2:30pm | Breathing into Wholeness | Indie Foolheea

Brighton Yoga Foundation Class. A meditation & breath practice for those that identify as Black, Brown & part of a marginalised or racialised community.

2:40-3:25pm | Silent Easy Flow Yoga | Penny Hall

Guided silently with a few simple hand gestures. Suitable for those who are familiar with yoga asanas in a (mostly) non verbal session!

3:40-4:10pm | Vipassana Meditation | Kate Dennison

A guided sensory meditation helping you to feel into the subatomic realm of energy that makes you who you are.

4:20-5:10pm | Open the Heart Meditation | Tammy McCann

Brighton Yoga Foundation Class. Practice to connect in with yourself, with others & the world. Cultivating love as a natural dwelling place of the heart.

5:20-5:50pm | Why We Need a Yoga Teacher Union

A drop in session to find out more about the new yoga teachers trade union.

6-6:30pm | Ayurveda | Dr Milind Jani

Ayurveda for holistic personal wellbeing, post-pandemic.


Full schedule of kids activities to be noted on the board outside the kids zone tent.