Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop

With Tarik Dervish

Sunday 3rd April. Unit 4 Yoga Studio, Roundhill Street, BN2 3RG 2-4.00pm

We are all different and understanding something about our unique constitution can be enormously helpful in deciding what kind of Yoga class is best suited for us.

Ayurveda has a lot to teach about what kind of yoga we should be practising and why. This workshop will explore the Ayurvedic principles behind why certain systems suit us better than others and how we can adapt our own practice and potentially the way we run for our yoga classes.

We will also consider the various tools that Ayurveda has to offer Yoga teachers and practitioner including Seasonal practice, Marma and Diet and Lifestyle considerations.

This workshop is by donation only, please do give what you can afford. You are able to attend this event for free, but do please consider making a donation to the Brighton Yoga Foundation - as workshop of this nature would usually cost in the region of £50-£75.

Donations are the lifeblood of the Brighton Yoga Foundation - allowing us to continue our vital outreach work in the local community.

This workshop is restricted to 20 spaces, so please do book to avoid missing out.

Ayurveda & Yoga