Why Are We Fundraising?

Did you know that, as a registered charity, our year-round core aim is to bring more people to yoga, particularly those who have barriers to access it. These barries might include cost, location and lack of knowledge on the different yoga approaches.

Brighton Yoga Foundation has been running since 2016, and has three main strands of work, including: running the annual yoga festival, co-ordinating and delivering outreach activity and grant-giving. In the last year, the Foundation has set up and funded projects for:

Feedback received from participants so far has been overwhelmingly positive, proof that classes make a real difference to the attendees. After their classes at Threshold Women’s Services, participants said they felt: “relaxed, more confident… and much better than when they first came in…”.

We want to continue doing good work.

If you have ever done yoga before, you will know the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of it. Bringing this experience to the people that need it most is our primary mission for existing. As it stands, we are the only body in the UK to do what we do.

We are committed to continuing our work, with potential projects lined up with MIND, Lewes Prison and the young LGBTQ community. Every penny raised at the annual Brighton Yoga Festival and from your generous donations via our Chuffed crowdfunder go toward making future outreach projects happen. Can you help?  

Visit our ONLINE crowdfunding campaign and donate NOW (we have extended the deadline until the end of August) + claim some fab rewards from: The Float Spa, Studio io, About Balance, Unity and Chant Malas + a chance to win a luxury retreat in India.

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Or, if you want to become more involved, contact us to become a partner or patron of the charity.


Support our crowdfunder – Help us take yoga to those who need it most!

If you are reading this, you will know the fantastic benefits of yoga – physically, mentally and spiritually. Brighton Yoga Foundation is on a mission to bring this joy to the wider communities through a range of community outreach programmes

Alone, we can only go so far. We need your help to make a bigger impact, to reach more people, and to heal whole communities through the power of yoga. That’s why we have launched our first ever Crowdfunding campaign through Chuffed.org.

We’re aiming to raise £10,000 to put the Foundation on a proper footing for the future – with an office and part-time organiser who will fundraise, organise our outreach work, and help to grow our annual yoga festival.

Groups and communities we’ve supported so far include:

  • Teenagers in East Brighton
  • LGBT young people
  • Women recovering from stress or abuse
  • The elderly and young children
  • School children

We also have plans for similar projects in mental health and in prisons.

Sarah Pailthorpe, yoga teacher at Threshold Women’s Services, one of the initiatives we’ve funded this year, told us:

“All the women who come [to the classes] say it makes them feel better… Some come in and they feel quite anxious, some people say they feel quite desperate when they wake up, they have some problems with anxiety and depression and when they leave they feel relaxed, more confident…they go out feeling much better than when they came in.”

Caroline Vitta, from Trust for Developing Communities, who runs our yoga for teenagers projst told us one participant commented: “It was a great way to relieve stress especially after school. It calms you down and makes you think of all the good things in life that we don’t always appreciate.”

There’s still so much more we can do, so many more people whose lives can be improved through yoga. More resources are crucial for us to develop and expand, and we need you to take our mission further.

Everyone that donates £5 or more will be entered into our exclusive prize draw for some fantastic yoga prizes, including a luxury yoga retreat to India. You can find out more about the rewards are on offer via our Chuffed Campaign page.

Help give the gift of yoga to those who most need it by supporting our fundraiser campaign.

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Festival Feature: Cosmic Kids Yoga

We’re super excited that Cosmic Kids Yoga will be joining us at the Festival this year. The biggest kids yoga channel on YouTube, Cosmic Kids is driven by the enthusiasm of Jaime, who has achieved more than 50 million views on her videos, telling engaging, interactive ‘yoga adventure’ stories that get kids doing yoga. Jaime makes yoga fun for kids – and has helped millions with their self-regulation, balance and confidence.

Jaime is also a leader in online kids yoga teacher training with 20,000 people having taken her kids yoga crash course and more than 1000 certified Cosmic Kids teachers teaching kids yoga professionally around the world.

Cosmic Kids will be hosting a very exciting session of ‘Star Wars Yoga’ – one of the most popular Cosmic Kids adventures on the channel, re-creating Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope in yoga! And the hugely popular Squish the Fish will be making an appearance taking us on another yoga adventure, as well as a meet and greet.

Take a look at Cosmic Kids online: www.cosmickids.com

Festival Feature: About Balance

About Balance is a low-cost, fair trade, well-being centre, that aims to make the wellness industry affordable and accessible for all.

It all began when Effie Love (the founder) was working as an acupuncturist in Brighton, she quickly realised that the cost of her treatments were not easily affordable and accessible to everyone. Knowing this, she was driven to create a space that offered treatments, yoga and well-being services for all, as well as making sure teachers and therapists could make a living! Part of About Balance’s success has come down to their unique ‘Karma Card’ initiative, which works as a clever membership scheme, giving you a hefty discount off classes and therapies, and unlike a gym membership, you don’t have to be locked into a contract, with a choice to pay month by month if desired.

We spoke briefly with Effie ahead of the upcoming Yoga Festival…

How did you hear about Brighton Yoga Festival?

About Balance and Brighton Yoga Festival are actually exactly the same age! We were one of the original organisers of the festival,  setting up About Balance alongside getting the festival going! We had a stand at the festival even before we were open, so we feel a strong connection to it! About Balance has come along way since then, 4 years down the line we have a bigger venue, a shop that support local producers and 2 floatation tanks. We feel very blessed!

How you will be involved in the Festival this year?

We will be sponsoring one of the main areas, as well as giving away 20 yearly Karma cards to big donators (sharing the love and all that!). We will also be teaching 3 yoga classes, have a retail stall and I’ll will be giving a talk about ‘The value of yoga and accessibility’ with the ‘Joyful Web’.

Why is it important for everyone to experience yoga?
Yoga is like coming home. Yoga is the place where you are fully awake and fully absorbed. You learn this through the asana practice, but if you are lucky, you will take the tools that you learned there and take them off the Mat. The reason Patanjali gave Asana such an important part in the 8 limbs is because what you can learn on the mat by following your breath and movement, you can take to your life off the mat to get closer samadhi- full absorption. Like Jim Terran (of Vajrasati yoga) once put it so beautifully- it’s like when you are smelling a rose, and the scent is so beautiful, you are fully absorbed, there’s nothing else in the universe bar you and that rose in that moment. This is yoga for me.  Oh yes and it makes you flexible and beach body ready! 😀
About Balance is based at 20-22 Gloucester Pl, Brighton BN1 4AA 

Find out more and check out their daily schedule here: www.aboutbalancebrighton.com


Festival Feature – Chant Malas

Helen Forester –  Founder and Creatrix

Helen is a mum of two small humans and began creating mala beads in 2014, around the birth of her first child, when she become more immersed in her own japa meditation (meditation using a mantra and a set of mala beads to keep count) practice as she prepared for her first birthing experience. Helen lives her life by the moon and is inspired by the goddesses of the world. Both of these things heavily influence her work and craft. Helen is passionate about honouring the roots of mala beads and, for her, the mantra and the mala are inseparable.

Helen is a passionate advocate of working with charities and businesses run by women, supporting women in India and the UK, and is currently working with Ashadeep, a mental health NGO in India supporting women with mental health challenges and learning difficulties.

All of the mala bags that Helen uses to house her designs are created from field to final product by the women living at the women and she is very excited to be introducing a range of meditation cushions made by the women later this year. All products purchased are not-for-proift, ensuring that the women are fully reimbursed for their time and energies.

This year, Helen is sponsoring the retail zone at the Festival, and thrilled to be supporting the Foundation’s community work, as this is something that runs very close to her heart. Be sure to pop by Helen’s stall at the festival or come to one of her talks and guided meditations and say hello!

Helen will discuss why 108 is an important number in yoga and do a guided visualisation using mantra. She will also be running two yoga classes full of stories and laughter for children and also run a yoga for Teens class.

Visit: chantmalas.co.uk


Festival Feature: Ram Vakkalanka

Ram Vakkalanka was born and brought up in India, steeped in the Yogic tradition. He studied Sankskrit language, Yogic philosophy and Nada Yoga since childhood. Based in Toronto, Ram travels all over the world sharing his deep knowledge of Yogic philosophy, Sanskrit and Nada Yoga. So far, 22 CDs in three languages, one DVD as well as an online video course about the origin and evolution of Yoga of his works have been released, as well as appearing on Radio and TV.

Ram will be presenting three sessions over the Festival Weekend, including a Nada Yoga workshop (a guided meditation on the Chakras to the accompaniment of live Sitar), leading the Saturday Kirtan and taking us through the sacred texts of Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras on Sunday.

For more about Ram, please visit www.aksharayoga.com

Festival Feature: Be-Yoga

Be-yoga in Haywards Heath is a dedicated space for the community to develop and deepen their yoga practice. Their mission is to provide ‘Yoga for Everyone’. The team are passionate about the benefits of Yoga and have classes for all abilities, ages and levels of fitness.

The studio has a full schedule of classes including; Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Yin-Yang, Gentle Hatha, Warm Yoga, Yoga for Over 55s, Yoga for Teens and Children’s Yoga. They also have a number of hot yoga classes (all hot yoga classes are Hatha yoga), with most of these held in a heated room – about 32 degrees! With hot yoga, the body responds better to stretching as the warmth gently increases our natural flexibility and the heat helps us to relax. If you’re not very bendy – hot yoga is for you!

Be-yoga believe yoga is for all, so whether you’re an experienced Yogi or brand new to yoga, whatever your age or experience, this studio will provide a warm welcome!

Find out more here: http://www.be-yoga.uk.com

You can find Be-yoga in the Children’s area at the Festival this year, their teachers will be holding a number of classes throughout the weekend.

Festival Feature: Space Yoga Studio

Space Yoga Studio is the new, premier place to practise yoga in Brighton & Hove. Recently opened in the heart of St. Augustine’s Centre, a stunning renovated church dedicated to wellbeing and the arts, the studio is a nurturing and sacred space where you can connect with yourself through an ecceltic range of yoga and meditation classes amongst like-minded people.

Set in immaculate, contemporary surroundings, and perfectly located on the edge of Brighton city centre next to Preston Park, the team have gathered the finest teachers with a full schedule of classes running throughout the week. As passionate yoga teachers themselves, they have artfully created what feels like the perfect yoga studio, with the support of local yogis.

Space Yoga Studio welcome you to come find yourself on the mat…


Over the weekend,  Space and Ashiyana Yoga Retreat will together be hosting a wide range of classes in the gorgeous Pavilion room, overlooking the cricket pitch. Practise, stay for chat, and experience the energy of the new studio everyone is talking about. 

Events Coming Up In June

International Yoga Day Celebration @ Sussex County Cricket Ground 
Thursday 21 June, 10am – 6pm (last class at 5pm)

21 June is not only the longest day of the year but in 2014 was named International Yoga Day (IYD) by a United Nations charter, with the support of 175 nations. To celebrate, Brighton Yoga Foundation will be curating a special day of classes at the Sussex County Cricket Ground.

Classes are open to all and will include; Beginners classes, Postnatal yoga, Soundbath, yoga for Teenagers, ‘You and the 12 steps programme’, yoga for Stress & Anxiety.

The day will be free to enter, with donations to the Foundation gratefully received. The full programme will be announced soon, keep up to date here & join the event on facebook here.

TAKEPART Festival of Sport and Physical Activity at the Level
Saturday 23 June, 12pm – 5pm
Brighton Yoga Foundation is delighted to be working with Brighton & Hove Council once again at the award winning festival, TAKEPART, celebrating sport, dance and exercise for all in Brighton & Hove.

Throughout the day, Brighton Yoga Foundation will be encouraging people to “TAKEPART” in yoga classes – maybe for the first time – and to experience the many benefits yoga can bring for physical & mental well-being.

Brighton Yoga Foundation will be running the ‘Yoga Zone’ throughout the day, with the full day schedule to be announce soon. For now, download the map and find out more info here.

Programme Announcement: Peter Deadman to join us at the Festival, Sunday 15 July

Peter Deadman has worked in the field of health promotion for nearly fifty years, as co-founder of the much loved Infinity Foods and The Brighton Natural Health Centre, Author and founder of The Journal of Chinese Medicine. Peter will be joining us to talk about ‘The Transformative Power of Slow Deep Breathing‘ and what the Chinese tradition calls ‘internal exercise’, practiced in yoga, tai chi, qigong, Pilates and more.

Peter will discuss the traditional Chinese self-cultivation perspective on breathing and then look at some of the discoveries that illuminate its powerful effects on our health, especially its effect on the sympathetic/parasympathetic balance. Participants will also get the opportunity to practise slow deep breathing.

Don’t miss Peter’s talk at this year’s Brighton Yoga Festival: time tba on Sunday 15 July.

Register for speedy entry into the Festival here.